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Absolutely brilliant at reflexology & massage, would highly recommend anyone to seek care from Vio, he is very passionate about his gift of healing & has always been very polite and caring. What a kind gentleman, so great at his profession!

Went to Vio for a reflexology reading and was so impressed by his knowledge on the subject that I went on to have a three month treatment plan. This has vastly improved my health and well being and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He cares passionately about his healing and this shows in the success he has with his patients. My husband also has regular massages from Vio as he feels it is very beneficial healthwise and comes away feeling destressed and very relaxed.

I have been seeing Vio for a couple of months now and can't recommend him highly enough. His knowledge and awareness is exceptional. He has given me lots of really good advice for my health, diet and wellbeing. His massages leave me destressed and relaxed, and he has really helped my lower back and neck problems.
I can see myself using him regularly in the future, as I regard my long term health as being very important

I was first introduced to Mr. Vio by my daughter and son-in-law, they had recommended Mr. Vio to me after having a deep tissue massage. Like most people I was a little sceptical before meeting Mr. Vio. I found him to have similar faiths to me which helped me to have the confidence in him to use his "powers" on me. I did a full & concentrated reflexology program & deep tissue massage to eliminate the toxins that had accumulated in my body. Mr. Vio encouraged me to exercise and appreciate my body, organs & their functions and to maintain this through regular visits (not too often now more as maintenance).
We have many interesting discussions on life in general and our own family & friends. Mr. Vio I am proud to refer to as a friend now.
Best wishes

I have been seeing Vio now for approx 6 months.
Over the years I have tried various masseurs and I can honestly say Vio is the best I have come across.
As previous comments suggest he is very passionate about his work & also has a very vast knowledge.
At first I was seeing Vio twice a week. Due to his expertise & honesty I now see Vio approx every 10 days as Vio advised me that he had reduced the toxins in my back, neck & shoulders therefore there is no need to attend twice weekly!!
Although I now feel in great shape I intend to carry on having massages as I have learnt that with regular chiropractic care & massages maintaining the body is the way forward as opposed to leaving it until my body aches!!

I first met Mr. Vio last year in July 2011. He has completely changed my life since I have met him, together with my family. He has cured my asthma which modern medicine claims that can't be done. He has cured my urination problem and many more things. He is a delight to be with all the time. A truly remarkable man with magic hands. Full of knowledge. Words cannot do this man justice.
An honest and very fair man. Keep it up Mr. Vio. We wish you the best in life.
Mohammed Ayyaz Hussain. Driving Instructor. 44 years old.

Last summer was when I first met Mr. Vio. I met him when times got desperate but to everyone's surprise his treatment had instant effect. I was suffering incredibly with fatigue, body aches and pains and breathlessness for months, the cause could not be found by doctors and family began to feel I was being lazy. The moment when Mr. Vio read my feet, he pointed out every little thing that was causing this, without me having mentioned anything. There is no words to describe his miracle completely. He is patient, hospitable and now a lovely friend.
Thank you for all your help!
Um-e-Emmen Zahra Hussain, 3rd year British Pakistani Pharmacy student, 20 years old.

I met Mr. Vio through seeing one of his leaflets in a nutrition shop. I was interested in what he could do and what he could help out with health wise. I have had medical checkups and was told there was nothing wrong with me physically or mentally. But I know in myself that a 25 year old man should not feel tired all the time and suffer with regular headaches. So I decided to give Mr. Vio a call, and started treatment. When meeting Mr. Vio I realised he was a very friendly and genuine man and most importantly he was open to all my opinions and shared a similar idea on the spiritual side of things. My treatment he recommended was reflexology and vertabrae column percussion and massage, it lasted for 12 sessions and also was given herbal tea and tablets. I can honestly say after these sessions I frrl a lot better in myself, and was very amazed by what was achieved through foot and back massage. So I conclude Mr. Vio's abilities and knowledge in healing are as capable as what he advertises. I was advised to go back for a once a week session for maintenance, in which I am happy to do so. I would like to thank Mr. Vio for his help and would like to always stay in touch as friends and as a client. Would strongly recommend Mr. Vio. Thanks for reading!
Shaun. M. Age 25. Occupation: Investment

Dear Mr. Vio,
Thank you very much for the help to my daughter. After the treatment you have given to her she feels much, much better. You are helping people not only with your massage and the herbs, but with your wise words, advice and kind heart.
God bless you.
Galiya M. Kazakhstan. Stock Exchange.

Vio is a great professional and a lovely person. Not only is he good at what he does but also is a pleasant person to be around, have a chat and a cup of tea. Vio's hands are magical indeed! He has helped me with my back pain, depression and skin irritations. I look and feel so much better after his holistic therapy that included 12 sessions of massage and feet reflexology (after feet reading) herbal tea and natural vitamins that he prescribed. Everyone around me has notices how much better I looked and how much healthier I have become. Vio has an extensive knowledge of herbs, the reason behind many health problems and unlike classical medicine he has an individual approach, because every person is different and all of the methods of treatment he uses are tailored to suit a client. Vio really enjoys what he does and is always there to help people who need it. He is a very positive person, and this positivity is infectious! After each session I would come out glowing and feeling uplifted.
Thank you for everything. Grazie!
Anar M. Modelling London/Astana Kazakhstan

I have known Mr. Vio since November 2014, he read my feet and told me everything, plus more, that was wrong, something the doctors failed to do. I was amazed by how much he told me. I was feeling tired, had no energy and a few aches and pains but after reflexology, deep tissue massage, drinking herbal tea which Mr. Vio makes himself I can honestly say I'm back to my old self again.
I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Vio to anybody, he is very passionate about healing and is fully committed to his clients. His knowledge on healing seems to be endless and he tailors his remedies and treatments for each individual. He is kind, patient and a very positive person who has become a good friend.
Sharon F. 52 years old.

Over the years I have pushed my body to the limits and had many people care for my body and treat it but I can without any question or doubt say Vio is the best. What he does not know about the body in any way shape or form is unbelievable. With his knowledge, his herbal teas and creams he puts you back to good health, so thank you for making me feel young again, and I also have a new friend in Vio.
Keep up the good work. God bless you.
Steve Archer 60 years old Ex-athlete, builder.
P.S. Thank you Darren Bridge for my 60th present, a free massage from Vio. Best 60th present ever. Feel like 40 again!

I was recommended to Mr. Vio by a friend. I was looking for just deep tissue massage, but after my first session, Vio recommended that I see a chiropractor as well, as he could see I hads other issues, which I already suspected. Vio is very open about his work, and will explain (in detail if wanted) everything he is doing and why. I had a chiropractor that I was going to use (another recommendation) who it turned out Vio already had a professional relationshio with, which helped with my recovery, as they would share info, enabling Vio to focus on certain points, speeding up my recovery. Vio is very passionate about what he does, and so is never vague or baffling. You can clearly see he is genuinely interested in helping you with your problems and well-being, and takes great pride in his work. When he sees you are on the mend, he is extremely happy knowing his skill and knowledge (which is vast) helped. I will definitely be going back for regular maintenance visits. Vio has magic hands of steel (needed for good deep tissue massage) and a heart of gold. Best wishes.
Andy Martin, 46,

Keep up the good work Vio.
All the best
D.B., Roofing Contractor, Romford.

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